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You want to believe what the picture shows you? December 9, 2006

Posted by mosdef in Photographers, Photography.

By reading the interview with Paul Shambroom on Conscentious one can get a feeling how blurry the line between photography and reality is (see the last question and answer) .

In a way, he is right, using flash and b&w is also a way of altering the truth and the credibility of a photographer is very important.

This leads to the question about what is truth on photographies. This is a topic that neds further thoughts and investigation for sure.

I believe there must be a truth to everyone personally and there is no ultimate, higher truth out there, as there is no perfect photograph, one that describes photography.

What do you think?


Taking meaningful pictures December 8, 2006

Posted by mosdef in photo blog, Photography.
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Have you thought about the idea of photography? What makes a photo a piece of art? How does a good photo look like?

To me, it is meaningfulness. The picture must say something.

A hidden moment, a feeling, a mood, an idea. All ingredients of a good photo.


From now on, expect this blog to transform into a photo blog and to start the search for true photography and the essence of the picture.

Let’s begin.

Photographic stimuli November 24, 2006

Posted by mosdef in Photography.
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I you read my post on why photography is not dead, you may have an idea where I’m coming from.

In my humble opinion, the new aim of artistic photography must be to stimulate the people. It is no longer about the truth of photography, as everything can now be put on a photograph later which would look like it is real. Nobody can distuinguish between “real” and “fake” pictures any more.

To find the human, that untouchable in the pictures. That is something worth exploring. To find that very thing that makes the photo lively, filled with joy and pain.

Go on, explore and post some links if you think this is interesting. Develop yourself.